Amazing Christmas light display in Katy

December 24, 2007 8:11:14 PM PST
A light display is bringing special meaning this Christmas. You can't miss that light display if you drive west of George Bush Park. The sentimental display is at a home on Winding Hollow near Park Timbers, in west Harris County.

It means a lot to the people driving by, but even more to the man who put them up.

"It's interactive, you can turn on your radio and listen, and it's songs, you get to watch and listen to the radio and dance, it's just kind of fun," said Brittany Hafner.

It's not just the lights, but how they rock to the beat which makes this Christmas display a hit among neighbors.

"It's really neat, you can tell how much work and effort went into this house," Hafner said.

"About four weekends in a month, 20 hours of work, and about 12,000 lights," the light designer, Chris Palmer said.

Palmer put these pulsing lights in motion with a computer program, which allows you to tune in, by FM radio. Hanging holiday lights became his responsibility at age 13, when his father passed away.

"I took it upon myself to start decorating the house and it probably became more of a headache for my mom than anything, cause I didn't want to stop, I wanted to do as much as I could," Palmer added.

He does it for his own family now and for the neighborhood

"It's a great way to spend Christmas Eve, singing a lot and watching the lights," said Tony Matthews who loves the lights.

It's a simple concept, with a special outcome.

"Next year I plan to double it," Palmer boasted. "I have plans already."

The homeowners want us to share their address with you so everyone can drive by and see the light display.

2022 Winding Hollow Drive
Katy TX 77450
Oak Park Trails Subdivision

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