Toddler found alone with dead mother

December 19, 2007 9:54:16 PM PST
A mother was found dead just a few feet away from her crying child in southwest Houston Wednesday. Right now, police are looking for the person who killed the 21-year-old mother, who was found at her residence on Forum West at Forum Park. Her family has many questions, many of which cannot be answered.

Kelton Holmes fought back tears as he talked to us about his daughter, Misty.

"I feel horrible," he said. "I just feel like one of my worst nightmares is coming true. I would have never ever dreamed for anything like this to happen."

Misty Holmes was found shot to death inside the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. Her two-year-old son, Marcus, was found alone with his mother's body. A neighbor heard the toddler's cries.

"I went in the house, she was on the living room floor with a pillow over the back of her head," said witness Melvin Benoit. "I told her to wake up. 'Get up, Misty, your little boy's crying' and she didn't move so I just flipped the pillow off her head. That's when I saw the gunshot wound to the back of her head."

Police say Marcus was not hurt. He's now with Holmes and his family. Meantime, homicide investigators continued working into the night as they tried to determine how long Holmes has been dead and how long her son had been left there.

"It doesn't seem like it was a long time," said Angel Ibarra with the Houston Police Department. "She was seen late last night."

Holmes says he won't rest until the person who killed his daughter is brought to justice.

"Somebody had to do it," he said.

Holmes tells us his daughter is a loving mother. She recently quit her job so that she could be a stay at home mother because she wanted to spend more time with her son.

Houston police are questioning two persons of interest in this case. They are not being called suspects.

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