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December 1, 2007 12:51:54 AM PST
Find the the answers to many of your questions that come to mind as you use our siteHome Page
  • You are able to navigate back to the homepage at any time by clicking upon the logo/image in the upper left corner of every page
Promo Carousel (located at the bottom of most pages)
  • You can advance back and forth by clicking upon the white arrows located on the left & right-hand sides of this carousel
  • With each click in either direction, the advance occurs 4 icons at a time
  • Should the arrows become grey & unclickable, you have reached the end of the carousel and will need to advance in the opposite direction for further content
  • Upon mouse-over of each icon a message scrolls up advising you to the content this icon represents
  • The number in the upper right-hand corner of this carousel notifies you as to what number icon you are on out of the total number of icons available for viewing
  • While we've done extensive testing and debugging, we realize that we're not always perfect and therefore invite you to please share any potential 'bugs' you may come across while visiting our website
  • This may be done by clicking upon the "report a bug" link (or 'Thoughts About Our Site' icon located in our Promo Carousel) at the bottom of the page
Media Player
  • You are able to view images & videos in this player, along with their respective story headlines
  • Videos are distinguishable from images/graphics within the player with an icon on their respective thumbnails as well as a play watermark icon on the main image
  • Full screen video can be seen by clicking upon the expand icon in the video controls (square icon located in the bottom right corner) located within the player when a video thumbnail is selected
  • When the player is in its maximized state, images will cycle through the number of items listed in the bottom right corner of the player either automatically or you can advance back and forth by clicking upon the arrows located around the timer in the bottom right corner of this player
  • You can stop the automatic cycling by clicking upon the off button in the timer located in the bottom right corner of this player and/or moving your mouse into the player window
  • Upon moving your mouse into the player window, the current image will minimize and appear in conjunction with several thumbnails of other items available for viewing within the player
  • You may quickly scroll through these thumbnails by moving your mouse to the left or right side of the player (while still on the thumbnails)
  • When you come upon an item you'd like further information about, double click the headline at the bottom of the player
Left-hand Navigation
  • Clicking each of the 4 main buttons on the left-hand side navigation bar will expand into secondary navigational options under each of these primary ones
  • By clicking the main button twice you can navigate to the main page this button represents
  • The bottom button is customizeable to your chosen interests - please refer to the Dashboard items below for further information on how to achieve this customization
  • This feature can be found by clicking upon the bottom icon in our left-hand navigation & enables you to customize some of our content to your needs
  • These settings are cookie-based and therefore reset every time you reset your cookies
  • You may add and remove 'widgets' so that the information they hold will be accessible to you all on one page at a mouseclick
  • Widgets options include Movies, Stocks & Markets, Weather, Horoscopes, Sports Scores, Top Stories, Lottery, TV Listings
  • You also have the ability to set one of these widgets as part of your navigation so that it will be present & accessible at all times on every page throughout your site visit
Right-hand Navigation
  • This is our free "signup" area enabling you quick access to useful tools we offer
  • Upon mouseover each item located in this area will expand to elaborate on the content it holds
  • You can access even more information by clicking the displayed image
More Stories
  • By clicking upon the "expand panel+" button in the upper right of this area, the panel will expand your current selection of headlines so you have more choices to choose from. (into all that are offered at that time)
Text Alert Signups (mobile and email)
  • Want to be alerted to breaking news &/or the latest sports scores via email or on your phone?
  • SpotCenter can be found in the upper right-hand corner of our homepage
  • It plays in 16:9 format and can be expanded for better viewing by clicking upon the "+EXPAND" icon in the lower left corner
  • You can activate the audio portion of these video clips by either clicking upon speaker icon &/or dragging the slider icon from left to right; both are located in the lower right corner of this feature
  • You are able to find out more information about an item featured in a video clip by clicking upon the video itself - either in its small or enlarged state

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