Wiess Energy Hall at The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Monday, November 06, 2017 02:00PM
Wiess Energy Hall

Entering the new Wiess Energy Hall, visitors will step off of the elevator into a dynamic floor of a 21st century offshore drilling rig populated by a motley crew of sci-fi robots. Near the center of the cavernous new hall, a replica of a tricone rotary drill bit-fourteen feet in diameter-spins vigorously overhead. The Hall spans 30,000 square feet-almost the size of a football field. Joining the completely redesigned "classic" displays will be a bonanza of entirely new exhibits, making the new hall the most contemporary, comprehensive and technologically advanced exhibition on the science and technology of energy anywhere in the world. OPENS TO THE PUBLIC NOVEMBER 20Learn More

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December 13th at 7PM & December 23rd at 12PM