Tom Abrahams
Weekend Evening Anchor Tom Abrahams has traveled the world for Eyewitness News since arriving from Orlando in 1999.

From Chernobyl and the Panama Canal, to The Amazon Jungle and the Black Sea, he has shown Eyewitness News viewers how far away places affect our lives here in Southeast Texas.

Tom also covers national politics and stories that relate to energy, the environment, and the economy.

Since 2006, he has produced five half-hour special reports on subjects including the new space race, the 2008 presidential election, and the future of energy production.

His award-winning reports include three regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, the most recent in 2010 for an in-depth look at overcrowded trauma centers.

Tom is a proud graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville and is married with two children.

An Army Corp of Engineers map from the 1940s penciled in levees at Cypress Creek that would alleviate pressure on all of the water southeast of it. It was never built.
Today, the Governor of Texas was here in Wharton County, reminding residents they have not been forgotten and he wants government aid coming this way as quickly as possible.
When we last saw Jeremiah Richard and his family, they were in the eye of the proverbial storm. Fresh off an evacuation from their apartment in helicopters. And yet they were thankful.
In Sugarland's Riverstone Community the damage is evident. And whether you live there, or Wharton, Kingwood, or inside the Loop, the flooding has done a number on people's things and their psyche.
Officials told Eyewitness News the winds on the northeastern end of Hurricane Harvey's eyewall are only at 60 mph, but the gusts are significantly higher than that.