Marla Carter
Marla Carter joined abc13 in December of 2015.

A lover of great restaurants, culture and a nice, tropical climate, she loves Houston!

Marla worked as an investigate reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for eight years. She received an Emmy for her investigate work into the systemic failures at the V.A., ultimately forcing top officials out of office.

She also exposed corruption in the sheriff's office that lead to a grand jury investigation into the sheriff and top officials in his office.

She loves visiting new places and taking her dogs on walks around town.

If you have a restaurant recommendation, a story idea or just want to say "Hi", email her at

Two women have been charged in the shooting of a worker who was gunned down while on a bank run.
In the city of Houston, there are 99 state-approved homes that house parolees, termed "alternative homes."
Authorities are investigating whether a recent carjacking in northwest Harris County is linked to a deadly theft nearby.
A woman recounts to Eyewitness News a terrifying encounter when she says carjackers threaten her family.
Authorities are pulling the body of a man out of Brooks Creek after he was found by someone passing by the body of water.