Deborah Wrigley
A talented reporter and writer, Deborah Wrigley has witnessed hurricanes, earthquakes, the Texas Legislature and countless other events, and lived to report about all of them.

Deborah graduated from the University of Houston with a degree from the now-prestigious English department. Although she never planned for a career in television, it came about naturally. Her father was a leading Hollywood cinematographer and her mother loved literature, so Deborah combined both backgrounds and became a broadcast news reporter.

Among her accomplishments -- winning the prestigious Headliners Award for her coverage of the Mexico City earthquake. She and her photographer were the first crew in the world to get stories out of the site of one of the world's most massive natural disasters.

She reported live from Galveston throughout the night when hurricane Alicia hit - even risking a drive off the Galveston seawall at the height of the storm to get the stories back to the station.

In between the breaking news stories that punctuate a reporter's job, Deborah focuses her interest on statewide issues and politics.

Her abiding interests include local history and anything to do with animals.

Houston area freeways can be obstacle courses; furniture that falls from pickups, mattresses in moving lanes of traffic. Any one of them can cause a serious accident.
A large townhome is going through the last phase of construction in the area, and the tree stands in the path of a planned concrete fence.
Spring Branch ISD is set to recognize one of its school bus drivers who recognized a problem, reacted quickly, and saved some 30 students aboard his bus Friday.
Seven horses rescued from the brink of death will have their chance to shine today in Conroe.
Per the governor's request, there was a moment of silence across Texas at high noon, to remember and reflect on the terrorist attacks on Paris Friday, to honor the victims and let France know it is not alone in its fight against ISIS.